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A clip from the hit comedy movie~ Friday ~ featuring Kathleen as the sexy neighbor Mrs. Parker. The original MILF!

Acting Reel

Kathleen Bradley, first African American Model to join ranks as a Barker's Beauty on The Price Is Right for 10 years (1990-2000); and Mrs. Parker from the hit movie Friday! Excerpts from the critically acclaimed movie Perfume, Nominated for best picture award by the NAACP. Judge Jenny in the movie 'She's The One'.
“Bad Intentions” music video with Dr. Dre and Madame Kathleen. 
Kathleen discusses her tell-all book with Ambiance Magazine.
Perfume trailer starring Kathleen Bradley as Vashti “The Vixen”
Kathleen Bradley struts her stuff in a red bikini in this 1986 movie.
TV host/reporter Jason Martin, interviews Kathleen on the red carpet during Black History Month.
Kathleen Bradley as the hottie "Mrs. Parker" looking fine watering her flowers, from the movie "Friday."
Interview with Tracy TLuv at Ernie Singletons Pre BET Awards Toast.
Laci Kay and Zachary Alexander Rice of Icon News Jr. catch up with Kathleen on the Red Carpet.

TV and Radio Personality

Barker Beauty Kathleen Bradley chats with radio talkshow hosts Dave & Jimmy...Listen to the LIVE TALK Radio Interview.

It's A Family Affair.... is a Streaming video Radio show that engages lively topics and conversations featuring the Redd-Bradley family and call-in guests.

Its loads of FUN! For more information click here.

It's A Family Affair

Debut Show 4/5/13 Yo Momma Mother's Day  
"CDJJ Family Reunion"

Best of Kathleen Bradley in Swimsuits on The Price Is Right

The highly acclaimed book Backstage at The Price Is Right, Memoirs of a Barker Beauty written by first time Author/Publisher Kathleen Bradley has hit the book world. Kathleen's Celebrity friends help her make this video promo.  Price is Right Models on Vicki Lawrence Show.  Price is Right Models Dian Parkinson, Holly Hallstrom, and Kathleen Bradley on The Vicki Lawrence Show in 1993. 

Hot Tub
A new carrrr  Working out 
Hit it hard workout 
Hooray for the red, white and blue 
Closest to the bid 
Island hopping 
 Palm Springs vacation 
Get ready for the next showcase 
Come Sail away with Kathleen 
Congratulations to the Big winner 
TPIR Cheerleader 
Pump it up 
Join Kathleen and 6 other friends  
Good night—sleep tight
So much to do such little time 

Love Machine

The Love Machine - I've Got The Music In Me 1975.
Kathleen rocks and sings Hey Kids on The Love Machine album.
The Love Machine - Plastic Man 1975  Kathleen sings lead on the song Rock Steady with all female group The Love Machine. A wardrobe malfunction occurred at the beginning of the song which was on Live TV in Paris. 


Destination--MCA Butterfly Recording artists- Move On Up Suite Disco 1979. Danny Lugo, Kathleen Bradley, Linda ‘Lovechyle’ Theus gave, by far, the best, hottest remake of Curtis Mayfield's hit song “Move On Up”.